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Mike is the author of seven books, all of which are available through all major retailers in both print and Ebook formats as well as a few audio books.  You can purchase discounted and autographed copies by visiting his store, click the logo:

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Fifty Handfuls       

Paperback and Ebook formats Available

After years of hard work, Kathleen (Kat) Cutter has been offered her dream job. Only one thing is holding her back - she just found out that she's pregnant. Kat suddenly finds herself torn between choosing her dream job, or fulfilling her husband Jasper's dream of becoming a father.

When Jasper is found dead, Kat has nothing to live for, until she finds a crayon-written contract between Jasper and herself which reminds her of a promise. A promise that she intends to keep. And so, she sets off cross-country alone, with nothing but Jasper's ashes to help her conquer her emotions, a stalker, and the rest of the crazy world. She's determined to keep her word...even if it kills her.

Mr. Blustick

Paperback and Ebook formats Available

Imaginary friends. Everyone's had them; they're harmless products of adolescence. But what if your child's imaginary friend wasn't... imaginary?Worrywart father Tom Boyer has just found the perfect home for his family: a bigger house in a better neighborhood, with woods in the back for his daughter Lilly to play in. But the move has been tough on Lilly; the street had no kids to play with. The summer was going to be miserable. So when she finds a fascinating friend in Mr. Bluestick -- a mysterious man who wears a full tuxedo, and carries a glowing blue stick while living in the woods, Tom is amused... until he awakes one night with the woods on fire and Lilly, missing...

White Ash

Paperback, Ebook and Audio Book formats Available

This collection of short stories from the author of Fifty Handfuls, range from the emotional title story, White Ash, to the satirical, A Modern Day Romance. With twenty original stories, including several unpublished pieces, this collection has something for every reader. The book also contains a unique section entitled, Inspirations, where the author explains where he got the idea for each story and how he formed it. Budding writers will learn how stories can be formed and the casual reader will have insight into a writers mind.

The Killer & I

Paperback and Ebook formats Available

A hilarious behind the scenes journal about the making of Kane Hodder’s biography, Unmasked.  Read about the crazy mishaps that Kane got Mike into while on movie sets, at conventions and on ghost hunts. 

The journals started out as a way to give fans a updates on the book’s progress.  Originally it was planned that a few entries would be put in the back of Kill! as bonus material. The more Kane got Mike into crazy situations, the more he wrote about his journey.  As the entries gained popularity and started to build up, fans asked for them to be put into one collection so they could read them all... well they got their wish!

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Hardcover, Paperback and Ebook formats Available

Unmasked documents the unlikely true story of a boy who was taunted and beaten relentlessly by bullies throughout his childhood. Kane only escaped his tormentors when he moved to a tiny island in the South Pacific where he lived for all of his teen years. After living shirtless in a jungle for a while, he headed back to America where he fell in love with doing stunts-only to have his love burn him, literally. For the first time ever, Kane tells the true story of the horrific burn injury that nearly killed him at the start of his career. The entire heart-wrenching, inspirational story of his recovery, the emotional and physical damage it caused, his fight to break back into the industry that almost killed him, and his triumphant rise to become a film legend are told in Kane's own powerful voice. Take a peek inside the head of the man behind the mask. Be inspired by his triumphant comeback and laugh at his on-set hijinks as you unmask the world's most prolific, cinematic killer.

Arm Candy: A Celebrity Escort’s Tales From The Red Carpet


Available In Paperback

#1 Amazon Best Seller!!!!

From Julia Roberts to Angelina Jolie and even Tom Hanks, Chris has escorted them all down the red carpet. Despite the sinful connotations that the title "escort" has, a celebrity escort is a professional job that has given him ALL ACCESS to Hollywood's most exclusive events accompanying the biggest stars including Sandra Bullock, Fergie, Jennifer Aniston, Mariah Carey, Taylor Swift, Megan Fox, Courtney Love, Reese Witherspoon, Nicole Kidman, Pamela Ander- son, Queen Latifah, Susan Lucci, Betty White as well as dozens of others. Arm Candy: A Celebrity Escort's Tales From the Red Carpet tells Chris's amazing journey from a small town in Pennsylvania to NYC and finally Hollywood where he has rubbed elbows with the world's biggest stars. From the red carpet to the amazing after parties, Chris reveals what happens when the cameras are turned off, shares backstage secrets, dishes the dirt on what celebrities have behaved like divas, provides his coveted party crashing tips and even tells a heartfelt tale about a celebrity that inspired Chris while he battled cancer. Arm Candy is a book for anyone who loves glitz, glam, celebrities and the red carpet! Whether hanging out in the dressing room at the Grammys, running lost through a casino with Cyndi Lauper or sneaking out the back door with Paris Hilton, Chris's job is always an adventure. Take a peek at what really goes on behind the curtain and at the edge of the red carpet from the view of Hollywood's ultimate insider. You will never look at Hollywood the same way again...


With Co-Author Rebecca Rowland

Release Date: 9/13/19

Thirty boxes. Thirty body parts.

Eighteen turned in to authorities.

A forensic technician from a quiet Massachusetts suburb does the unthinkable: stalks a local woman, abducts her, divides her body into thirty pieces, and mails the sections to random Americans across the country. Each white postal box that Dennis Sweeney prepares contains an ambiguous note and a piece of Julie Piedmont. Most of Sweeney’s intended recipients contact the authorities about their gruesome packages, but twelve of the parcels go unreported. Pieces, the genre-bending hybrid of crime thriller infused with a short-story vibe, takes a closer look at the body parts that were never recovered and the possible reasons why their recipients never told anyone about their grotesque discoveries. Weaving the accounts together is Dennis’ story as well as Jackson Matthews’, the reporter to whom Dennis chooses to document his sick game.